Traveling Apps Which Can Be Used Without Internet Access

When you are on the road, it often happens that you find yourself without internet access or signal. If you travel anywhere off track, it’s almost impossible to get service, and you can only dream about finding WiFi. These circumstances can be even more concerning if you’re in a foreign country, for some important and urgent matters.

Luckily, there are travel apps that you can download beforehand that will work perfectly when you’re abroad. Many offline travel apps will save you time and frustration when you are traveling. These apps offer all the needed information.


Tripit has a fantastic reputation among travel apps. The app offers the best way to manage your itinerary — it syncs your email and additional information all in one place. All flight information, travel details, bookings, and such are updated online before you turn the internet off, and it will update them again once you’re online. Additionally, there’s service information, car rental numbers, hotel addresses, and more that will be of help to both Android and iOS users.


If you always have your phone with you, you won’t need a paper travel guide. Triposo is an updated version of the original guide. It takes information from online sites, like Wikipedia, to make an ultimate guide. You can download the city or country guide before you leave, and you can read about restaurants, activities, maps, and more by the touch of a button. This spectacular app will also show you currency conversion rates and phrases for the chosen destination.


The Pocket app works just like that — a pocket! Anything that you can save when you’re at home browsing online goes into the Pocket app, and you can open it again when you’re offline. This app is a great choice for people going on long trips — you can save reading material, travel guides, and more and check it offline. Also, you can save restaurant reviews and maps to help you navigate your time abroad.  Additionally, you can save videos from YouTube or news sites and watch them when you don’t have internet access. 


Similar to Google Maps, but with more offline features, HERE WeGo is an excellent choice for an offline map. What makes the best is the ability to give directions for pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers, and public transit without access to the internet. You only need to download the map for a city or country beforehand. However, make sure you have the exact address — it works better than just the name of a place.


TripAdvisor operates on a global platform, and it’s probably the first site anybody goes to check a restaurant, hotel, or any other facility. However, not a lot of users know that TripAdvisor can function without internet access, as well. The offline mode offers reviews, maps, and saved locations for over 300 cities worldwide. Anything that you could search online, you can also find in an offline TripAdvisor version. 

Lonely Planet Guides

Lonely Planet Guides offer city guides with offline maps and curated by experts. The app has the option of downloading individual chapters, so you can only download what you need. Lonely Planet Guides will give you insight into new places, event schedules, restaurant selections, and more without internet access. The guides are very detailed and modeled by their original paper travel guides. There are guides made explicitly for every city, town, or region of a selected country.