Apps To Help You Relieve That Annoying Back Pain

Today’s advanced technology has made smartphones our personal assistants, trusted friends, entertainment systems, and even doctors. Many people love to play games and watch sports, or for example, like people in Ukraine, learn more about basketball betting using Ставки на баскетбол – and all on one little device. You can find an app for anything among thousands of them. If you’re a busy person on the lookout for quick exercises at home or the office, some apps can help you with that. These apps can help strengthen your back and relieve back pain.

My Pain Diary

My Pain Diary is an excellent app to track and manage your pain levels, especially for chronic back pain. Anyone knows how difficult it is to describe pain levels to a doctor, to keep records of how severe or weak the pain is on certain days. My Pain Diary is meant for these cases because it automatically creates PDF files that you can email or print out for your doctor.

The app tracks different areas of pain experience — the type of pain, the force of pain, duration, symptoms. Another great advantage is that you can customize it to your own pain experience. It covers plenty of bases where you can choose the type of chronic pain you’re suffering from (or a couple) and update them daily. 

Additionally, the app will have access to your GPS, which will allow it to track the weather in your areas, as well. You can check whether colder conditions can be linked to chronic back pain. 

Web MD Pain Coach

The app is a fantastic addition to your smartphone if you’re interested more in advice and information about back pain than keeping a pain diary. When you select the problem or illness you’re suffering from, you’ll have the option to open a library of articles to read about possible solutions, view helpful tips, or set goals for relieving the pain.

Choosing goals to help manage your pain is a useful option to track your food intake, rest and exercise, mood, and treatments. The app will track your progress, and web doctors will give pre-approved tips and treatment guides. 

The articles are divided into five categories and quite informative with the goal of educating the user about a new lifestyle. There are more than 600 tips for everything — how to improve posture, exercise better, sleep without pain, and so on.

Backache App

The Backache app is specially designed for users to take micro breaks from sitting. The app is a fantastic choice for office workers. Sitting can be the leading cause of back pain because the spinal movement is weakened, blood circulation is restricted, and muscles are inactive. It is essential to move around to stay healthy and pain-free.

Since it’s easy to forget to take breaks, Backache app is the solution — the app will send notifications and alerts to your device to remind you to take microbreaks. You can customize it to your schedule, but just standing up will not be enough. 

The app comes with video exercises or stretches to move your muscles and joints. Additionally, all activities are quick, and you won’t need any equipment. There are a variety of exercises, so you’ll never be bored. They will keep you stimulated and help relieve the back pain.