Save Money – Share Your Streaming Services Account

With the current technology, not only can we have fun online by placing a few bets on our favorite sports team after completing the GalSport registration Uganda (or wherever we are situated), but we can also enjoy the lovely streaming services that have now become more available then ever. Streaming services are a fun and easy way to watch whatever you want, whenever you want to, or listen to all your favorite music on the go. While all these services are awesome, they aren’t exactly free. Having more than one subscription can easily ramp up the price, and this is a problem since most of the services don’t really offer the same content.

There are always things that you might want to watch that are available on the streaming service that you don’t own. For this reason, sharing streaming service accounts became a more popular option for a lot of people recently. Let’s talk about how you can share your streaming services with friends, and other ways to reduce their cost.

Using the Multiple Account System

Most streaming services offer multiple accounts when you pay for their services, which can be a great way to reduce their costs while keeping your account personalized. This is very important since you don’t really want to get other people’s recommendations on TV shows and music that you dislike.

Netflix, for instance, allows you to have 3 personalized accounts in its basic paid plan, and the service can be used on multiple devices at the same time. This means that you can easily gather a few friends who also want to have the service for the reduced price.

Getting Netflix premium can cost you $16 per month, and getting the lowest cost, basic plan costs $9. The basic plan contains almost no extra features and costing just $7 less than premium, it isn’t really worth it. If you do however get 3 more friends, the cost drops to $4 per person, which is more than affordable. Getting TV shows and movies for this price is worth it. 

Netflix premium offers up to 4 accounts, so you just have to decide if you will split the money, or if a different person pays the bill each month.

What to Consider When Sharing a Streaming Service Account

The first important thing to note is the terms of service for each individual streaming service. You can usually find the rules for account sharing there, and they can vary. Some services allow the use of accounts in different places, while others are strictly limited to one household. Disregarding these rules can lead to your account being terminated, which isn’t what you want.

Another important thing is how much you trust your friends. Since your own security is the most important thing here, when creating a shared account, make a new email account. This will make you safer since you never know what kind of phishing malware other people might have on their computers, and this malware can lead to your email getting compromised.

Try also getting a new bank account and a credit card you will use for this account. You want your credit card information to stay safe. Paying for the service each month instead of it being automated can also help you in case someone doesn’t want to pay their part of the bill.