Health Apps Every Geek Should Use

Let’s face it, most of us sit at their computers for a significant amount of time every day. This can lead to many health problems, from obesity, to back and neck pain and more. Remembering to stand up and do a few exercises that can help you feel better can be hard when we are concentrating on work or video games in front of us.

This is the reason why many app developers created a series of apps that can help you stay fit even if your daily life is mostly sedentary. Here are some of them.

Move App

Since remembering to get up and move can be a hard task by itself, this app can be very helpful. Move app gives you a reminder to get off your chair at selected intervals, as well as a short and easy exercise to help you stretch out your muscles. The intervals can be customized, so you can tailor the app to your work schedule easily.

Stand Up!

The Stand Up! app does the same job as Move, except it doesn’t give you an exercise that you need to complete. It simply reminds you that you need to move, and you can choose how you do that yourself.

Time Out

This app is designed to force you to take a break so your eyes can have a chance to rest. Time Out will slowly fade your screen to black and keep it that way until your break is over. The breaks can be customized, and you can even skip them if you decide to do so.


If you think that the previous app is too drastic, you can use Awareness. This app is a simple one, and it uses the soothing sound of a Tibetan singing bowl to remind you how long you have been working for.


F.lux is another app designed to help you relieve the strain on your eyes. It adapts your computer’s screen time to the time of day, making it warmer at night and eliminating blue light that is to blame for your eyes feeling tired. 


This app is also designed to help you rest your eyes. It features short breaks with simple eye exercises to help you relieve tension, as well as longer breaks that include screen blocking. The app is customizable like all the rest, so you can set the long and short break intervals to your liking.

Office Yoga MD

If you like doing yoga, why not do it during your workday. Other than reminding you to take a break after a while, the app also gives you one of the 20 yoga exercises that can be done in any office space. 


If for some reason you can’t get off your chair during your working time, Desk Active can give you the stretching exercises that can be done while sitting. With over 300 exercises, it keeps you healthy while sitting and helps you alleviate stress on your bones and muscles until you can stand up.


Mental health is just as important as physical health. This meditation app is here to help you with that. In just 10 minutes every day, Headspace will teach you how to meditate and be mindful while taking your breaks during work.


Let’s end this article with another mental health app. Luminosity uses a series of games that are created by neuroscience researchers to improve your cognitive abilities and memory. It is focused on recharging your mind and exercising your brain to keep it in tip-top shape, even while doing stressful and boring work.